Author: dan.thompson

Off she goes

Well I’ve got a few updates, I just haven’t had time to post anything lately. I’m very excited at this point though because I feel like it’s really going somewhere… Here she is all stripped down and ready to go to the shop (with all the goodies packed inside) The front subframe is finished. I haven’t gotten any good shots of it completely assembled yet, but here it is after powder coating… (hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures this weekend with all the DSE equipment installed) And lastly, I got the back tires mounted and we cut...

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Wheels showed up!

Ah yeah… well I’ve got a nice big pile of parts sitting around now. The DSE SK2 is in (very cool), as well as the ATS spindles, touring classics front brakes, AND my wheels finally showed up… … Which are the most exciting part so far (cause you know… you can’t really SEE the other stuff). They’re freaking huge! I can’t even imagine what these wheels look like that people are putting 335’s on, cause these that I’m going to have 315’s look like monsters! Next the subframe is off to the sand blaster so we can start doing...

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Lets get this party started!

Well, 10 years (almost to the day), two college degrees, a house, and a wife later, and I’m finally starting on my 67 camaro project. Plans are for the full DSE treatment (I just ordered the stage 2 kit for the front this morning) front and rear. Some kind of fuel injected motor (non-LS) and a 6 speed, ZR-1 wheels… and that’s about all I’m positive of at this point (but I’m convinced you guys will help me spend all my budget and then some¬†¬†). I’m just happy to be actually working on the stupid thing! Wish me luck!...

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