Author: Chris Hill

Origin Story: Starlite

Every good character has an origin story. With the characters I create it is no different. It’s often difficult to spend time while dressed as these characters explaining the depths behind some of these characters and how they came to be, so today I thought I’d try and tell the story behind one of my favorites: Starlite. Full disclosure: this is their real life backstory, not what will be represented of them in Picture Me, Loving You. Starlite He is perhaps my favorite character of all the creatures that I’ve created to date. He’s gotten me into more places...

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The Opposite Side Of The Lens

Or…Three Things I've Learned From Being The Subject   When Dan asked me to collaborate with him on this project, I was very enthusiastic. For me it was more than just a chance to get show off my skills as a costumer, it was a chance to be in front of the lens. As a photographer myself, this was a chance to do a photo series without ever picking up a camera. It was a chance to collaborate on a story, and tell it from a different angle than I had experienced in the past. So I jumped on...

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My Spirit Animal is a Whatever

I’ve always been a bit of an odd chicken full of strange ideas and impractical dreams. I guess that’s why my Twitter bio reads, “I’m an idealist living in a realist’s world.” I just refuse to believe that gravity has any effect on me no matter how many times I fall. I’m resilient, and I don’t let a lot get in the way of my dreams. So I guess it’s ironic, then, that I work in the corporate world and keep so much of my personality at bay. You could say it’s the realist’s world that this crazy idealist...

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