This week (and next) I wanted to take a short break from travel photography to share a few images I’ve taken this winter. If you’ve ever photographed with me, you probably know I’m not a fan of Winter, simply because it snows so rarely here in East Tennessee, and I find it hard to come up with strong compositions of landscapes with bare trees and just shades of brown everywhere! So this week I’d like to celebrate the return of the pretty side of the Milky Way to the night (or in this case, early morning) sky with a shot I took a few weeks back. Yay for things to photograph!

Over the last several years I’ve been slowly migrating away from star trail photos, which show the night sky in motion, to shots that display the beauty of the night sky, frozen in time. I still enjoy star trails, but something about being able to capture the Milky Way over landscapes has me currently captivated. My current camera won’t cut it for this type of shot, unfortunately, so I’ve been rather impatiently awaiting Canon to release the predecessor to the 6D, the rumored 6D Mark II. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve rented a few cameras to play with, and this particular shot was made with Canon’s 5D Mark IV. It’s an amazing camera and will easily capture Milky Way scenes (and break your wallet in the process). I was sad to send it back… BUT… hopefully Canon will get us a nice, less expense alternative soon enough! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

Foothills Parkway