…and sometimes you find yourself at a bobsled event in South Korea 🙂

Let me back up for a second. If you’ve been following along for a little bit, you may recall last Summer that I had the opportunity to interview US Olympic Bobsledder, Steve Holcomb. In the spots (which you can view here and here) I looked at how technology has changed the Olympics, and then we decided to pit me against Steve to see just how much better an Olympic athlete than an average guy, just for the fun of it (full disclosure, Steve won). Since that time I’ve found myself being fascinated with the goings on of the various Olympic athletes on social media.

Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago when Steve started posting pictures from South Korea at the Alpensia Sliding Center, located in Pyeongchang, where the Winter Olympics will be held in 2018. Crazy! Why? Because I was ALSO in South Korea, and just happened to have the weekend free, which is when the finals to the 2016 – 2017 World Cup Bobsledding season were taking place! After a fair amount of harassing Steve and the hotel staff where I was staying, I determined getting out to Pyeongchang from Seoul was totally doable AND that the event was open (and FREE!) to the public… so I did it! While at the Alpensia Ski Resort in Pyeongchang I ended up running into the mother of one the other members of Steve’s team, and so together we cheered on Team USA! It was a amazingly cool experience! In the end Steve and his team mates finished 3rd in the overall standings (he finished 2nd in the two man), which is also super cool! Congrats guys!!

–Dan Thompson

Alpensia Ski Resort