Technology is changing everything around us, so of course its changing the Olympics as well. From how the coaches train the athletes, to how the athletes train when they’re by themselves, there is lots of tech involved these days. I got the chance to visit the Olympic Training Facility at East Tennessee State University and met with some pretty awesome people while I was there. Dr. Brad DeWeese has trained more Olympic medalist than any other coach alive today, oh… and he’s my age. Crazy! Speaking of medalists, I also had the chance to meet up with Steve Holcomb, 3 time Olympic medalist, as well as Katie Eberling, 2 time World Champion; both of whom compete on the US Bobsled team. Check out the video above and below for the two spots. And yes, this was definitely one of the most fun packages I’ve ever had the chance to do, this was awesome!

–Dan Thompson