Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to travel to New York for work, and this was one of those trips where Holly got to tag along. So while I was in meetings, she was texting me pictures of all the cool places she was visiting! It wasn’t all work for me though, we got to go watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which was an experience for sure, and we got to do some exploring around town.

If you try searching for the best places to take pictures of the sunset in New York, you’ll undoubtedly see pictures from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The park offers awesome views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and there are some interesting looking pylons from an old pier sticking out of the water along the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway that show up in pictures regularly as well. I’ve always thoughts those pylon pictures were cool, so that’s what drew me to the park, but I ended up liking this panorama picture with just the East River in the foreground better. That’s the fun part about following in other people’s footsteps sometimes… it gets you to a good spot, but then you can take pictures of what catches your own eye!

–Dan Thompson