Thank you everyone for the kind comments, shares, and likes all over social media last week, and for not being annoyed (at least not publicly) that I had two pictures of the week! The blood moon was such a neat and special thing, I just couldn’t wait to post the images (if you missed them, you can see them by clicking here)! I’ll share more pictures from our time in Europe in the coming weeks, but for now, back to southern California!

I don’t know about you guys, but I typically navigate by landmarks. Show me some tall buildings, or a prominent feature of a skyline, let me learn where things are in relation to those, and I’m usually good to get around. San Diego’s skyline has lots of interesting (from an architectural standpoint) buildings, and these two stood out to me as I was trying to learn the city; especially at night with those giant glowing boxes on top. Given that, I thought it would be cool to include them in a more intimate view of the city.

The Grande, a set of luxury condo high-rises (if you have an extra million bucks laying around, they have some units for sale still), is seen here from our 15th floor hotel room at the Wyndham Bayside. After work one evening I was messing with my camera and thought to myself that our view of the towers was as good as any, so I gave it a go. We were so close to the buildings though that I had to turn my camera in portrait orientation to see them from top to bottom. Given that, I took 10 vertical pictures and then stitched them all together to make the single horizontal image you see above. I thought the final product turned out nicely!

–Dan Thompson

San Diego