If ever there was a day when I wanted to be in two places at once, it was yesterday!

Two sets of our friends got married on Saturday; one in California, and the other in Poland. Sam and Sandra (top picture) got married in Szczecin, Poland, the city Holly and I stayed in a few weeks ago. By all accounts they had a beautiful wedding, and the photos and conversations online look like the guests were enjoying themselves. Holly and I had the opportunity to spend time with them both while we were in Szczecin, and got to see their new apartment. It’s very exciting to see a young couple we’ve watched grow over the past several years begin a new life together!

The second wedding was that of our friends Shelley and Logan (pictured with Lance Rogers, left, who officiated the ceremony), in San Diego, California. Their wedding was an outdoor wedding down by Mission Bay, and was very pretty. It was a neat reunion of friends from their lives (some of whom were QUITE the entertainers at the reception!) and a wonderful celebration of their love for one another.

Holly and I wish all of you a wonderful life together!

–Dan Thompson