I have always said that I’m not a big city guy… yet I keep finding myself in big cities rather than out in the wilderness (don’t worry… wilderness pictures coming soon) when we travel. If you’re going to be in a big city though, it might as well be one that’s on the water with a beautiful skyline! Enter, San Diego.

With my new job, I’m traveling a LOT more, and Holly is taking the opportunity to travel with me some. I needed to go to Southern California for work, and so we decided to make an adventure of it. While we were there, we were blessed with several AMAZING sunsets; some of which you’ll be seeing on Picture of the Week! Fair warning though, we were in California for 3 weeks… so POTW is probably going to camp out there for a bit! 🙂

If you’re in San Diego and looking for a great place to take pictures, I highly recommend the Embarcadero Marina Park North for nice shots with boats and buildings. On this particular evening, the sunset itself wasn’t all that great, but the alpine glow was spectacular! I love all the boats in the harbor here, and the reflection of the buildings in the water really set things off I thought.

–Dan Thompson

Embarcadero Marina Park North