So Picture Me, Loving You started just after Mother’s Day, and ended just before Father’s Day… on paper I’m sure this looks like I was a masterful planner, but I assure you it all happened that way by accident! 🙂 I’ll take it though! Anyway, since Picture of the Week went on hiatus, I’ve had the chance to travel to some different places and take some fun pictures. Given that it’s Father’s Day, I thought I would kick us back off with this family picture from our yearly trip.

The house we’ve gone to for the last several years in Destin, Florida is being sold, so we decided to change things up a bit this year and go to Fripp Island, South Carolina instead. You’ll recall that mom and dad didn’t get to go last year because dad had an accident that ended with him having a broken hip and heel. Even though he is still on the journey to recovery, he and mom were able to go this year, and we all had a wonderful time together.

Since Picture of the Week image happened to be a little strange for Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to combine Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with this image. Yesterday was also my parent’s 46th wedding anniversary as well, so we’ll just celebrate that here as well! Thanks for being great parent’s mom and dad!

–Dan Thompson

Fripp Island