Dan and Sam

I rarely post selfies as a Picture of the Week photo, but I thought it was fitting seeing as how this guy is the king of selfies!  Meet my friend Sam from Szczecin, Poland.  🙂  Over the last several years, readers of this blog have had the opportunity to meet several of our Polish friends, but I *think* this is the first time you’ve been introduced to Sam.

I met Sam the Summer before last, and we became fast friends.  He’s hilarious.  Despite being born in Poland, Sam spent several of his formative years in Ireland with his family, and so not only does he speak English, he does so with an ultra-cool, Irish accent.  Sam isn’t all fun and games though, he is also a great leader in his church community and has a real heart for the children we serve there in Szczecin.  His maturity and passion for the kids always shines through, whether he is helping lead songs, or interacting one on one.

Holly and I had the opportunity to meet Sam’s parents this past Summer and eat dinner with them in their beautiful home in the Polish countryside.  Sam’s mom and dad have a heart for the Lord, and it was fun hearing their stories and sharing our own.  One of Sam’s sisters actually lives here in the US, and we had the pleasant surprise of getting to meet her while we were in D.C. recently with our friend Nico.  Cool stuff!

–Dan Thompson