Have you installed the latest version of the Twitter app for iPhone or Android? If you have, you may have noticed that you can now tag people in photos… pretty cool feature. You can tag up to 4 people in the photos and those tags don’t eat into your 140 characters, which is nice. People who have been tagged receive a notification similar to when you @reply them. Don’t want you tagging people in their photos? Go to your account settings and click on the “Who can tag me in photos” button. You’ll be able to choose between Anyone (literally), Only people I follow (my current setting), or just Off altogether. If you have your profile set to private, no one can tag you in photos by default. I have to admit, I don’t typically use the Twitter app, I like Plume a little better… however, these new changes have me using it again. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What else does Twitter have up its sleeve? Check out the video above from a recent WBIR appearance for more info!

–Dan Thompson