Okay, so this week’s picture was obviously not taken here in East Tennessee, but I wanted to share one more wildlife picture before POTW heads back to Europe.  A few weeks ago Holly and I had the opportunity to drive down Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego.  As the sun was getting low on our first day we spotted some signs for a seal viewing area ahead… and who doesn’t like viewing seals (except for maybe our heartless friend Shelley 🙂 )… so we opted to take a break and have a look.  Turns out this little State Park near San Simeon and the Hearst Castle is quite the hot spot for elephant seals and a variety of other seals.  It was definitely an interesting stop as the males, who are not particularly attractive creatures, were vying for their spot on the sand and amongst the females.

    Off to the side of the big show, Holly and I found these two guys all snuggled up with seemingly permanent smiles on their faces.  We let out simultaneous “awwwww”s as they looked our direction and Holly was convinced we needed to go scratch their chins (which… we did not).  I think we both could have stood there and watched them all for hours; definitely worth the stop!

–Dan Thompson