While in Prague this summer, Holly and I and the rest of our group stayed at Hotel Denisa.  the hotel itself is in what is considered Old Town and is technically in walking distance to the castle and the Charles Bridge… though I don’t know that I would recommend it; it is quite a good long walk.  What is in range of the hotel though, is a beautiful city park which sits on the ridge looking down on all of Prague (pictured).  I would highly recommend that.  Additionally, there are plenty of good places to eat nearby as is a subway station.

    Back to the hotel itself, we found the rooms to be very nice and the beds were comfortable.  The room and bathroom were all very clean and the in room refrigerator was helpful at keeping drinks cold for the hot days we experienced while we were there.  The hotel staff was, for the most part, very helpful and friendly.  There was one gentlemen who apparently thought his paper work was more important than serving guests… but we got the impression that maybe he was new there.  All the other staff were extremely good as I mentioned a second ago.  They also will change money for you there at the front desk for no charge, which is amazing, and they are happy to arrange taxis for you and negotiate the price while they’re at it.  Very nice touch.

    Another nice part of the hotel is the breakfast.  When you travel outside the country, you never quite know what to expect from foreign breakfast buffets.  This one was REALLY good with a great mix of warm breakfast foods (eggs, bacon, etc), pastries, and cereals.  We would stuff ourselves at breakfast and be good for a day of sightseeing.  I would definitely stay here again.

–Dan Thompson