Sunrise in Cades Cove

   I’ve mentioned multiple times on this blog how much I enjoy the Tremont Spring Photography Workshop and the friends I’ve made there.  A couple weeks ago, one of those friends and his wife came to town for vacation and the two of us got together a few times to shoot some and had a blast.  It is neat how a shared excitement for something will bring people together who might not otherwise have met (Paul and his wife live in Oregon).

    There is a spot in Cades Cove that the Workshop regularly goes to in order to watch and photograph the sunrise, and since I’ve been going to that spot I had yet to see any good colors.  I have gotten some really good pictures from there… but they just weren’t of sunrise colors.  Well it worked out this time that I was in the right place, at the right time, and for a very few moments the sky lit up with some wonderful colors and God threw in a nice wisp of fog in the valley for good measure.  Couldn’t ask for a better morning!

–Dan Thompson