My wife and I ate at BBQ Pete’s on the recommendation of a friend… and we were not disappointed. I’m not from Texas, but I am a bit of a BBQ snob… and this stuff was good.

My wife had the Spicy Chop Sandwhich and I managed to snag a bite. I really liked it, and she loved it. I personally had the pulled pork plate with the chipotle cole slaw and the cornbread muffin. The pork was perfect and I personally liked all three of the BBQ sauces. I’ll agree with the previous reviewer in that the hot isn’t outrageously hot… but then, I wouldn’t have liked it if it were. The mild had some zing to it and the regular had a great, classic flavor. The chipotle slaw was a nice touch… I personally put BBQ sauce in my slaw, so I was happy to see someone else doing the same. The cornbread muffin was amazing as well, though my wife said it was almost "too sweet". I have a huge sweet tooth, so it was right up my alley as was the honey butter that comes with it.

Top it all off with some free ice cream and this place hit the spot. I’d eat there again (and hopefully will before we leave the area).

–Dan Thompson