Moai of Rano Raraku

    Everyone has “that place”.  You know, that place you’ve always wanted to go to, or maybe you’ve been and you’d love to go back.  Given the opportunity, you’ll kick your heals up and take a quick trip there in your mind.  THAT place.

    Easter Island is that place for me.  Why Easter Island?  I really couldn’t tell you exactly.  Maybe I saw those Time-Life “Mysteries of the Unknown” book series commercials a few too many times as a kid, or maybe I was a little too fascinated with aliens and extraterrestrial possibilities; or it could have been all of the above.  In any case, the Moai of Easter Island captured my imagination the first time I laid eyes on them.  Being able to walk up to one and touch it was literally a dream come true. 

    For the next couple weeks I’ll share some pictures from my favorite place on earth.  Where is yours… and more importantly… when are you going?

–Dan Thompson