Charlie the snow cat

    The day after Christmas provided this part of East Tennessee with a nice amount of snow; so Holly and I decided to go out and enjoy it.  When I walked outside I couldn’t help but notice the tracks leading away from our house to Charlie’s other home (he apparently sleeps under our neighbor’s house sometimes… and who knows where else).  You’ll remember that Charlie, aka The Assassin, was the one who ventured out in the snow a couple weeks back for a drink of water and was denied because the bowl was frozen.  Well, he apparently doesn’t mind the snow all that much because after we called for him for a minute… here he came… trotting through the snow.  It was quite entertaining.  He tried to play it cool at first with his usual saunter, and then tucked his ears back and sprinted the rest of the way with a crazed look in his eye.  I can’t decide if he is just really adventurous… or just not that bright. 🙂

–Dan Thompson